Business Owners Guide To Learning How to Utilize Interns When Creating An Internship Program

Business Owners Guide To Learning How to Utilize Interns When Creating An Internship Program

When it comes to creating an internship program, there are so many misconceptions out there about what an intern actually does. If you think that an intern is supposed to be making coffee, picking up your dry cleaning, or making photo copies, then you are completely missing the boat. When it comes down to it, interns are some of the best and brightest young minds out there on the job market. Interns are known for injecting new ideas, passion, and energy into businesses that may be stuck in their ways. This is because they are still new and haven’t been sucked into the status quo way of doing things in the business world.

If you are using your interns to do menial tasks like making photo copies or filing, then you are leaving a major resource untapped. Think about it, interns can do almost anything that you can imagine. They are highly intelligent and used to adapting and learning new things on a continuous basis. Can you say college? All they require is a little guidance and training and you can put them to work on projects that you have never been able to finish. They can also help you develop and expand on your ideas from a fresh new point of view.

You have probably heard it a million times before, but the current generation of college students are internet experts! Today’s interns are so much more tech savvy than the older generations because they grew up with the internet. You will be absolutely amazed by the awesome ideas and new techniques that your interns can come up with using the internet.

So please, when you are creating your internship program, don’t make your interns do grunt work and menial tasks. Instead, give them projects of real value to work on that can directly benefit your business. All it takes is a little guidance and you will get something back phenomenal in return.

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