Older Workers Are America’s Most Valuable Assets!

Older Workers Are America’s Most Valuable Assets!

IMMEASURABLE VALUE OF HIRING OLDER WORKERS Human resources managers across the country agree and attest to the advantages of employing highly committed older workers. In surveys of 500 + companies with 50 or more employees, HR managers identified invaluable qualities only present in experienced-mature workers

  • Punctuality – reliability tend to be agiven for older workers who regularly arrive on time ready to work and take little or no time off.
  • Pride in a job well done is an increasingly rare commodity among to day’s employees. Mature workers tend to be more willing to stay until the job is done because of their sense of pride in the quality of the finished product.
  • Honesty – personal integrity are commonalities of group values among older workers
  • Loyalty – older workers understand the worth of a good employer; priorities are commitment to job and providing value is high.
  • Communication skills–knowing when and how to communicate – evolve through years of understanding workplace politics, and diplomacy in conveying ideas to their managers and co workers.
  • Good listeners– understand and follow directions well with little explanation required
  • On-the-job education, honed analytical — personal skills, problem solving in crisis situations and a willingness to share these resources with co-workers and others only comes with maturity and experience.
  • Detail-oriented – skilled in reading, writing, math, attentive workers offer an intangible value in identifying others’ potentially costly mistakes in accounting, misspellings, pricing and more; saving thousands of dollars.
  • Setting a good example – for other employees is an intangible value many business owners appreciate. Excellent mentors and role models makes training other employees less difficult and cost effective in both time and training costs
  • Older workers are the pillars ,mentors and foundations that
  • Newly hired workers armed with the knowledge provided by mentors will have a head start and a much better opportunity to use their new ideas and creatively to make a difference.
  • By utilizing the intellectual resources of each generation and working together, our multigenerational work force will create a smarter-stronger-cutting edge team work atmosphere and once again we will be leaders in the global markets.

Hiring Managers, the next time you make a hiring decision, seriously consider older workers for all of the right reasons! It’s a simple matter of economics; rethinking the exorbitant costs of high turnover, training and recruiting in a more youthful workforce vs. the benefits of proven successes,abilities, experience and mature standards older workers bring to the mix.

Together All Things Are Possible. Join the Fight to End Age Discrimination & Ageism Injustices Against The 99%.

Source: Gray Matters

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