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Interns Over Forty has helped over 1, 155, 000 people in their career transitions, and we are here to help you. On the pages of our website, blog, LinkedIn Groups, Career test and insider newsletters, you will find countless opportunities to get involved, find information and get all of your questions answered.

Testimonials Interns Over 40

Here’s what some of our fans are saying:

“… I appreciate your articles, tips and Pod-casts so much. It is refreshing to have access to Interns Over 40. You acknowledge the very real disadvantages older workers face when applying for jobs after a lay-off. The prejudices and distorted perceptions of others exist and are challenging to overcome. Interns over 40 provides me with concrete issues that may be holding me back…” ~Karen, San Francisco

“…I enjoy your articles and advice. I printed one or two and gave them to my boss to read showing him why he should employ older people. As he is in his mid-30?s anyone in their mid40?s and older seems ancient to him. I know those articles made him think a little bit more. Thanks for all you do.” ~Tilly

“Just a big thank-you from me. Four years ago, when I first received Interns Over 40, I had just been laid off from a company where I had worked for 12 years. I was struggling with whether to build a consulting business, which I had started, or to go back to work for someone else. I became a regular reader of Interns over 40, and found useful information for both …
..Things got tremendously better on Feb. 10th. I landed with a company I wish I would have landed at 25+ years ago! Keep up the great work and refreshing perspectives. Your stuff helped me and continues to do so….keep a level mind.” ~Crail

I do marveling.back and tools to correct those issues I can correct… You are refreshing and give me changes I need to make and different ways of presenting myself, etc. Please keep it up.

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