Job Search EGuide: What Really Works To Find A New Job As An Older Worker


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We wanted to make sure you had a chance to get Lawrence Lights’s New EGuide “An Insider’s Job Search EGuide: What Really Works To Find A New Job As An Older Worker”.

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“If you follow this eBook, it’s almost all you need.  It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative.  I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.” 
Elaine J.


Save 50% off of job search ebook

Interns Over 40 in coordination with author and Career Coach Lawrence M Light are launching the First Step By Step Job Search EGuide designed For Interns Over 40 Job Seekers. If you finally would like an Ebook that doesn’t just say what to do, but HOW TO DO IT. Then this is the e-book for you. Order It Here  or  Learn More or Sample the beginning of this Ebook for free.

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What is in the Insider Guide

You’ll find…

  •         Actual case studies,
  •         Real stories illustrating how clients got jobs,
  •         Tips,
  •         Real life documents (e.g., Cover Letters and “Killer Resumes”)

We’ve included…

  •       Step-by-step lists of tasks,
  •       Complete explanations why you have to do certain things  and not do others,
  •       Scripts for you to use, and
  •       Analyses of what will happen at each Critical Stage of your job search.

All is based on…

  •      Materials “known-to-work”,
  •       Fifteen years’ experience helping clients to find, and get, jobs;
  •       Each section covers a single subject completely; and, it’s
  •       All written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow colloquial style. 

Bonus: Free with your EGuide order get instantly linked to:

  • “Ask The Career Experts”: Watch On-deman Webinar
  • Learn:Most Common Job Search Questions and Answers.
  • Learn:Easy Ways Hiring An Older Job Seeker Can Benefit An Employer.

Buy It Now: or Learn More: (Special For Insiders: Save 50 % off retail price.)

Sample the “Killer Resumes” chapter in this book for free.


“This eBook is very clear. It’s written in an engaging way. The
material is right on track. It’s very well presented. We’re short on
funds, and I liked what it said about the ‘hidden’ job market because I
wanted to learn more about how to find such jobs.” — Elizabeth K.


The eGuide is fully guaranteed. If you receive the materials and don’t find them useful, you can return them within a week for a full refund. I offer this guarantee because I’m confident these materials can help you.

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