3 Critical Pass Or Fail Points During A Job Search.

This eGuide consists of four separate sections. You may have acquired one, or more, of these sections. Each section is self-contained, and can be used stand-alone. Each was designed to fully explain a single subject, so you can absorb it easily to improve an important part of your job search. Each deals with a Critical Stage of finding a new job. All of the material is taken from coaching I did over a fifteen year period, to actually get people jobs. There’s nothing theoretical, or academic, about the examples I use; they’re designed to show you how to do things; and all the documents I’ve included are real and actually worked to get my clients jobs. The methodology inherent in all this is using “what’s known to work.” Whenever possible, to make it easier to read, I’ve segmented long documents into a separate Appendix at the end of a given section.

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An Insider's Job EGuide: What Really Works To Find A New Job

The four sections are:

  • Part I shows you how to create a “Killer” Resume.


  • Part II teaches you how to deconstruct a job description and write a Cover Letter that matches your skills to it, thus increasing the probability that you’ll be chosen for an interview


  • Part III covers Interviewing and shows what is going on when you’re being interviewed, as well as how to skillfully handle the process so they offer you a job.


  • Part IV is an added bonus that explains how to Network to uncover “hidden” jobs for those who have never networked before, are uncertain about how to go about it and, because it doesn’t require “selling” or “cold calling”, it takes the fear out of the whole process; in addition, it explains a radical new way to network that can uncover a “perfect” job.

The first three sections of this eGuide cover the Critical Stages of any job search. If, for example, you don’t have a resume that gets an interview, or a cover letter that shows that you meet the job requirements, or you’re interviewing skills are not knowledgeable enough to get you the offer, you’ll get the “Thanks, but no thanks” letter.

In all the job searches I’ve coached people through, these three Critical Stages – resume, cover letter and interviewing — are the “make or break”, “pass or fail”, points of no return. If you don’t have the knowledge and the skills to handle every one of them correctly, you simply won’t get the job. I write this because it’s easy to get hung up on too many small details, those insignificant diversions, that can sidetrack, fatigue or distract you when you’re job hunting. By concentrating on what’s critical, I believe, you will learn to focus all of your efforts on what’s really important, and that will ultimately get you the job.

My experience with clients has shown me that too many people, who have excellent work experience, who have been very well-trained in a given type of work or profession, and who have a track record of working hard and learning their craft, are amateurs at finding, and getting, jobs. They’re very professional at what they do at work, but they’ve never had the opportunity to learn the techniques involved in a successful job search and, as such, are rank amateurs at it. That’s why I’ve written this eGuide, so that people who want a job can learn how to go about it with as much knowledge, as much skill, as they may have demonstrated in their particular line of work.

I also realize that not everybody wants to hire a job coach. Many people, frankly, think they can’t afford it, or believe, rightly or wrongly, they can do what’s required by themselves. Sometimes people are afraid to work with a job coach because they don’t know enough about the process to judge whether they’re getting less for their money than they paid. Other people are geographically too far away, and don’t think about job coaches as a solution, but want this type of information. So if you’re a “do-it-yourself-er”, you’ve come to the right place. All the information, all the knowledge, about each Critical Stage is available right here.

I wrote this eGuide because I love working with people to help them find, and get, jobs. I do it whenever I can. So I, personally, will be glad to answer any questions, or hear any comments, from anyone who has purchased one, or more, sections of this eGuide. I’ve been told I’m good to talk to, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Lawrence M. Light    

From the desk of Lawrence M. Light,  Creator of eJobCoach.com.

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P.S. A word about the illustrations in this eGuide. I believe that finding, and getting a job, is a serious and very competitive business. While I realize that being without a job,being rejected many times over, feeling angry — all can result in an overwhelming sense of frustration, I thought it might lighten things up to have some images from time to time that had a sense of whimsy in them.

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  1. Stephanie Lichtman
    June 14, 2012 at 6:28 am

    How do I buy your book?

  2. Natalia
    June 14, 2012 at 8:25 am

    This the link to order the book. It is also on the articles page. Have a good day.https://brt89802.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/showManageOrder;jsessionid=1FB8FFA8E0D5001AE0514F6C1F6B2F4E

  3. gabriella robinson
    August 27, 2012 at 6:10 am

    Please send me the free sample in the pdf format as I could not download it ….I was bullied out of my job June 2011 and unfairly dismissed and old job reported me to my regulatory body they want to ruin my professional carried and I can not get legal help to fight them …I do not know how to apply what type of jobs without refrece and the fact I was unfairly dismissed by old employer (part to NHS ) which I worked for since 1996 ….I have no money ,,,no skills to get turn this around …please send me your book in pdf format and give me advise. Much appreciate it God Bless Gabriella

  4. Natalia
    September 4, 2012 at 3:57 pm

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