Is Age Discrimination Inevitable?

From the New York Times

“To Get a Job in Your 50’s, Maintain Friendships in Your 40’s”


Editor’s Note: This article does not argue the existence of age discrimination – job seekers over 50 were unemployed 5.8 weeks longer than those from the ages of 30 to 49. The author suggests that when you have a job, you should keep your skills up-too-date and your networks strong, since both shrink as we grow older and age discrimination is inevitable.

“As people age, they also tend to stay in the same job longer, consistent with a pattern of wanting to put down roots. During that time, the skills people have learned and the job search strategies they once used may become outdated — especially as technology evolves ever more quickly.

The cure for these drawbacks is fairly straightforward. Once you hit your early 40s, even if you are not looking for a job, work to learn new skills and stretch yourself, Professor Wanberg said. Also, keep your networks strong by staying in touch with former colleagues and classmates, along with current co-workers and clients whom you don’t see regularly, she said.”