Fast Company: How Artificial Intelligence is Finding Gender Bias at Work

“Computers don’t hire people, but they help to refine the selection.”

Face of bionic manEditor’s Note: Emerging companies are using Artificial Intelligence to investigate the best candidates for jobs by analyzing language and behavior, and possibly curtail discrimination in the workplace. Computer programs have also been developed to evaluate employees at the workplace to determine gender biases that may be holding them back from opportunities.

HireVue(a Utah-based Automation and Coaching Company) claims that it can find the best candidates based not just on what they say, but how they say it. Using machine learning, and AI tech that discerns patterns from huge data sets, HireVue analyzes phrasing and even physical gestures that applicants use in an interview. HireVue then compares the interviews of people who were hired to how well they actually did in the job. Computers don’t hire people, but they help to refine the selection.”

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