Resumes That Get High-Paying Jobs

Create your“Killer”Resume that gets you the interview! See actual examples of different“Killer”Resumes that got clients’ high-paying jobs, learn the inside secrets of what to do to completely re-write your resume so it gets you into the “Yes” pile!

“There’s a lot of good information in your eBooks. It’s an absolute ‘must have’! It’s like the “Go To’ Bible.” — Joy M.

This new eBook shows what really works. Concise and to the point. Step-by-step detail. Based on fifteen year’s experience by a well-known job coach. 

Start Creating A Killer Resume now! And, if you like it, you can acquire this incredibly useful information that will accelerate your job search – it will teach you everything you need to know about writing a killer resume. Fully guaranteed! Want keep up with webinars and articles on creating killer resumes. Start here:

You’ll find…

  • Actual case studies
  • Real stories illustrating how clients got jobs
  • Tips
  • Real life documents (e.g. “Killer Resumes”)
We’ve included…


  • Step-by-step lists of tasks.
  • Complete explanations why you have to do certain things and not do others.
  • Scripts for you to use.
  • Analyses of what will happen at each Critical Stage of your job search.

  • Materials “known-to-work”.
  • Fifteen years’ experience helping clients to find, and get, jobs.
  • Each section covers a single subject completely.
  • All written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow colloquial style.


“If you follow thise-Book,it’s almost all you need. It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative. I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.” Elaine J.


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