Want Better Balance Between Work and Home?

Go Into Business for Yourself With a Franchise

work-life balance

Whether you’re looking for better work-home balance or just want to make extra money working at home,you may find the perfect solution with a franchise.

In the wide world of franchising, you’re limited only by your imagination to find a home-based business that works for you. Opportunities abound in fields as far-flung as IT services, business coaching, workplace drug testing and modifying homes for seniors and the disabled.

The benefits of buying a franchise include a tried and true system, a ready-made marketing program, support and training.

When you locate your business at home, you gain lower overhead costs, as well as extra time to spend with your spouse, your kids or other passions and still have the opportunity to make a good income. What the home-based franchises share are:

  • Few or no employees
  • Contact with customers mainly by telephone or you bringing your business to them
  • Easily available technology at home and
  • Limited space needs

A franchise coach can help you match a good franchise to your personality, your budget and your lifestyle, but you can do a lot, as well, to narrow down your options.

Start your search online — the International Franchise Association is a good place — for businesses that suit your skills and experience. Then talk to franchisees to get a good understanding of how the franchisor’s support and services have worked out for them.

Before you ever sign your name to any dotted line, you can learn how long it takes to earn a profit, how many hours a week you’ll need to work and whether the business suits your interests and areas of expertise.

With a bit of research and due diligence,They
have it all: time for family, fun and a booming business.

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