Would you like to know “The 49 Benefits to Hiring an Older Skilled Worker?”

49 Benefits To Hiring An Older Skilled Worker

Do you know the 49 Benefits Of Hiring An Older Worker? It has been said, “the older you get the wiser you are.” It has also been said, “that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” These adages are nice to recite, but do any of them really hold true when it comes to older skilled workers who are looking for a new career?

Over the last 3 years,  I have read thousands of comments, questions and expletives from older workers. Some of you are clearly professing your superior attributes while others are complaining of their unfair treatment by job recruiters.

What You Will Learn: Sample of 4 of the 49 Benefits.
  1. Able to advise younger manager without threatening his/her position.
  2. Given previous experience, better able to separate wheat from chaff; what is critical and what is not.
  3. [Hopefully] thinks before commenting, thereby providing a calming influence, easing workplace stress.
  4. Experience, experience, experience… nothing beats experience! Not only in our professional field, but in personal relationships, dealing with all types of personalities we’ve interacted with throughout our careers.
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