Accelerate Your Career Search with Career Coach Larry Light- Free Resume Review This Month

Hope you enjoyed Career Coach and Author Larry Lights Workshops and ebooks

Now you can experience the power of a Career Coach to walk you step-by-step, and support you fully, during a career transition. This Insider Coaching Session introductory session will give you a one hour session with Author and Career Coach Lawrence Light, who has had over fifteen years experience working with people to help them find, and get, jobs. We have arranged for a 1 hour session with him for $69.97. (normally $90/hr.)   

 A standard initial coaching session usually lasts an hour, but it may continue for as long as an hour-and-a-half. Subsequent coaching sessions usually run an hour. If circumstances are dire, or if there are special factors that require a different sequence (such as an immediate salary negotiation), they can be accommodated at the initial session.  


Start Your Resume Review and 1 Hour Career Coaching Session Here.

  1. Review of resume (if it’s written) by Lawrence Light.

  2. Discussion of work history and current employment (or unemployment) status

  3. Assessment of personal goals, type(s) of job desired, pay levels, geography, pressures (e.g. income, savings, personal factors), immediate concerns, and reality check regarding all of these

  4. Description of various alternatives as means to achieving goals

  5. Estimates of effort involved (responding to job postings, as opposed to networking) and agreement about best course of action going forward

  6. Laying out of action plan and agreement on it

  7. Assignment of next step(s) and homework