There’s Still Time To Do Your Own Taxes

IRS30 Tips to Doing Your Own Taxes  –  MONEY MAGAZINE 

(Editor’s Note) This is just the kind of advice you need to complete your taxes this year. Use it to review before submitting your taxes online or if you haven’t started yet – get busy! Here’s a sample of the tips you’ll get in this very helpful article:

17. Check Your Job Search Expenses

Were you unemployed or looking for a new job in your current profession in 2015? “You should be aware of the income tax deduction that may be available with respect to job search costs,” said Rosen. “Qualifying expenses are deductible even if they do not result in a new job being offered or accepted,” she added.

Job search expenses might include fees you paid for online search services, outplacement agencies or travel to interviews. The 2015 standard mileage rate for auto expenses is 57.5 cents per mile.

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