8 Ways Older Job Workers Can Sell Themselves:Day 5


Are you an older skilled worker who has been through a couple of decades of cyclical job expansion and contraction? Then you should be able to gain a few pearls of wisdom from this article. We sometimes forget the benefits that older works bring to a potential (or existing) employer. You do not have to be in sales to leverage you strengths. So how about selling yourself? (Editor’s Note)

  1. Older workers have a healthy fear of slowdowns: Older workers’ are more steady because they know that downturns can last for long periods of time. They are prepared to do what it takes to keep their job.
  2. Older workers understand a recession: Remember the 1990s tech bubble and the recession in the early 1980s. An older workers can bring a steady perspective to a very erratic economic environment.
  3. Older workers have real-life experience: Employers want workers who can hit the ground running.
  4. Older workers want to be challenged: The know what it is to be challenged and succeed.Forget resting on their past laurels
  5. Older Workers don’t need constant feedback: There more confident in your abilities.
  6. Older workers are healthier: older workers are focused in on healthy diets and have lower stress levels than workers in their 30’s.
  7. Older workers can manage yourself: A Study showed that “60-year-olds scored higher than 50-year-olds, who scored higher than 40-year-olds, and so on.”
  8. Older workers willing to work part-time: Older workers most are willing to be very flexible with their work schedules.

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  1 comment for “8 Ways Older Job Workers Can Sell Themselves:Day 5

  1. Robert Miller
    September 3, 2012 at 3:59 am

    After almost 5 decades of a wide range of leading project-driven legal tasks, mostly in Governments, in 9 countries,one realises both how much and how little one knows.One performs a task confidently, quickly and way beyond what is expected. But when I see “apply HR” I know it’s not worth the effort. It is not HR’s fault, how could they have the insight into top-level responsibilities? Or have experience of placing people fit to discharge them? “Equal Opportunities” disappear after 65, so it seems. The best look for opportunity and challenges, not packages.It’s fulfilment and helping others.

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