10 Ways to Be Thankful When Unemployed

Count Your Blessings This Holiday Season.

Family Sitting Around Table At Home Eating Meal

Editor’s Note: This week marks the official beginning of the Holiday season. For the unemployed, this can be an especially difficult time of year. Money is tight, and the future seems uncertain. This article, from aol.com, is a simple reminder of the strength of GRATITUDE, the joy of giving and the value of family:



Celebrate. Make sure you get out and spend time with friends and family, and celebrate your connections with them. The holidays are about shared memories–and regardless of your budget, time is something you don’t have to skimp on. You can watch kids while others cook, help set the table and prepare meals without buying the food, and bring your game face to the holiday table. This is a time to enjoy companionship and family, and take a break from concentrating on your troubles. Use the holiday to reconnect and learn more about others rather than focus on your own woes.


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