Washed Up at 45: Must read from CNN.Money

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“Adults age 45 who lose a job may never find another…”

Editor’s Note: This article, published in CNN.Money takes a look at the perpetuation of false and negative stereotyping of older workers throughout the world. And it seems to be occurring at even younger ages than ever before. The prejudices remain the same: older workers are not up-to-date with new technology, they can be difficult to work with, and they are more likely to get sick.

It sounds depressing at first, but read the article to the end, and you ‘ll be surprised to learn:

“… the corporate workplace might not be baby boomers’ final destination, anyway. They’re turning entrepreneurial, increasingly starting their own ,,, businesses. Almost 21 percent were in the early stages of creating their own businesses, compared with 28 percent of prime-age workers, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development last year.”

Read entire article here.