Two Powerful Career Transitions Tools- Video Seminar and Ebook


Two Powerful Career Transition Tools

For You!

We are proud to announce release of the latest packages, published by and Larry Light. The first comes in an easy-to-read format as an eBook; the companion piece can be downloaded as a “live” presentation in Video Seminar Workshop format. These two new offerings show you how you can easily create your own personal “Killer” Resume

And … because, as a combination, they make an extremely powerful “do-it-yourself” experience, we’ve now made it extremely economical for you to get both of these packages together. (You can still get one or the other package separately, if you wish…..)

Click here to order and instantly view both the eBook and the 1 hour Video Seminar Workshop now.

Why we created these packages

We created these packages because your Resume is the most important, most critical, weapon that you have for finding, and getting, a job. Without a “Killer” Resume, most job-seekers face a very serious handicap in this world of intense competition, with hundreds of people applying for every single job out there. This handicap, when you don’t have a “Killer” Resume, is obvious — your resumes doesn’t get a response and they virtually disappear into what people sarcastically call “a black hole.” 

Your Resume, in the most fundamental sense, represents you. When you send it to a potential employer, if it isn’t the strongest, most focused, powerful document; if it isn’t a true “Killer” Resume — it isn’t going to do its job and you’ll be lost in the shuffle. The result is you won’t get that interview. 

Over the years, I’ve reviewed many resumes. One fact stands out — the majority of them lack certain important ingredients. They’re lackluster, bland, unconvincing documents that fail to lift you out of the general run of those who are applying for the job; and the sad result is they all too often end up in the “No response” pile.

This is because they’re written by people who don’t understand the rules, people who haven’t had to write a resume in a long time. Or, even if they’ve been put together by a professional resume service, they ignore what’s really important. 

The materials in these packages work

Every piece of information, every page, every detail, in both the eBook and the Video Workshop came from the fifteen years I have spent working with clients. Every document shown in both packages is a real example of how my clients got jobs. I’ve cataloged every “tip”, every “technique” that led to a client getting a job. No theoretical ideas about what gets interviews. They’re all based on real stuff and what’s “known to work.”

Do you need a “Killer” Resume?

With so many people, many of them highly-qualified, responding to every job, the competition has become extremely intense. This means that, even if you have a resume that shows that you’re qualified for the job, it just isn’t good enough. The truth is you actually have to show that you’re better than the others, just as a marathon runner has to prove that he or she is a better runner than the others. Only one person gets to win a race; only one person in the group that applies for it, gets the job. So you need to have a resume that gets you ahead of the bunch, that puts you in front. 

You be the judge — if you have a resume, no matter how it was created, if it isn’t doing it’s job getting you interviews, you need to create a brand new one to begin getting those interviews. That’s why I created these packages — to show you how to create, for yourself, what I call a “Killer” Resume

How to get knowledge from my head into yours

For over fifteen years, I’ve worked with top level executives such as CEO’s, technical people in such fields as IT and architecture, in middle management, and with people out there on the “line.” I’ve enjoyed it and I’ve helped a lot of people. 

All this work, however, has been one-on-one. Because of geography I invariably work with clients by phone. If a client lives on the East Coast, and I’m in California, they can’t drop into my office at a given time. Why get dressed up and drive to some location, wasting hours of precious time when you can pick up the phone and talk to someone directly? 

The problem I faced was the fact that all work with clients is extremely limited because I can only deal with one person, one hour at a time. Since have forty hours in a week, and I usually spend an hour with each one every week, I can only handle at most twenty clients, given breaks, difficulty in scheduling appointments, etc. And I usually work with clients week after week. 

This sort of thinking got me to thinking that, if I wrote an eBook, it could reach lots of people. All at once. Simultaneously.

So I took time out … analyzed what really was important … separated out the critical phases of a job search … put them in order … and then began writing four separate eBooks. Each covered a separate subject. Each contained real-life information, stories, anecdotes, documents drawn directly from my experience working with clients about what worked and what didn’t. 

The result was four complete and individual eBooks:

  • “Killer” Resumes
  • Cover letters that get interviews
  • Interviewing to get the job
  • Networking to find the “hidden” jobs

Bobby Edelman, who created, suggested that we also work together to create a Video Seminar Workshop for each of these topics, and I agreed because it sounded like a great idea, especially since we know that some people like to learn by reading, while others like to learn by watching a video.

Both are different vehicles for transferring information; they can be used separately; but taken together, they reinforce each other. And so, recognizing these different modes of learning, we created this series of Video Workshop Seminars as a companion piece to the eBooks.

Combined together, as a single offering, the two packages, the eBook“Killer” Resumes and the Video Workshop Seminar about the same subject, make a powerful learning tool. Professional teachers know that this kind of reinforcement, using two different types of presentation, works effectively.

After reading the eBook and viewing the Video Workshop Seminar on your PC or laptop, it’ll be so easy to create your own “Killer” Resume, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do anything like this before! 

Parallel Packages:

What’s in the eBook and the Video Seminar

These two packages contain the following: 

All are based on real experiences my clients had finding, and getting, jobs.

All are proven.

All have a lot of detail covering the subject from A to Z.

Documents used are real.

Tips, techniques, insightful anecdotes all have been designed to illustrate a point and, likewise, come from real life.

Each separate eGuide contains step-by-step instructions showing how to do the right things at the appropriate time in a job search.

Each is written in the same straight-forward, easy-to-read style.

Each is exactly what I would counsel a client to do at every twist and turn of their job search.

It’s all “known to work.”

Each covers a Critical Phase or Milestone in any job search — except for networking, which is valuable on its own, to uncover “hidden jobs”.

Each covers the subject-matter completely.

There’s nothing extraneous, it’s all concisely written, no “filler” material here.

It’s easy to read or view, easy to absorb, and each gets you into action mode by laying out exactly what you need to do.

Quotes about these eGuides

If you haven’t seen this before, here’s what three individuals said about all of this material. This is what a client who is fifty-plus, a coach, and a military man who is transitioning to the civilian job market, all said of my work:
If you follow these eGuides, it’s almost all you need. It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative. I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.” — Elaine J.

I couldn’t have written a better job search guide. Larry’s advice is exactly what I would tell any of my clients. From now on, I’ll save my time and their money by recommending they purchase this very helpful set of eGuides. Definitely worth its weight in gold!”
Janet L. Newcomb, professional coach / consultant,

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your set of eGuides on finding a job. I am currently transitioning from the military and have been on the job search for over 3 months. The time spent on figuring out what content and format to use in a resume and cover letter can be a challenge when considering 20+ years of service in the military. “Your eGuide essentially guided me through the process of condensing my 20+ years of experience without compromising my most important accomplishments. Most importantly, I learned the differences between the private sector and the government resume and how to market myself. “As if you hadn’t already delivered you included parts III (interviewing) and IV (networking) to seal the deal. While a resume and cover letter may get you in the door how well you network and interview for a job will determine whether you get the job or not. The interviewing portion of the eGuide provided me with the answers to questions recruiters and employers often ask to determine the best candidate for the job and who can best represent their company. This was without a doubt the most important section in the eGuide for me.“Essential reading for anyone looking for a job in the private or government sector.”
Ramon R., U.S. Navy Satellite Comm Tech/Network

Our guarantee to you and why we offer it

Both Bobby Edelman ( and I ( guarantee the eBook and the 1 1/2 hour Video Seminar Workshop “Writing ‘Killer” Resumes” completely. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with them, and you notify us about it, we’ll refund the full amount you paid, no questions asked. It’s that simple. It’s that straight-forward.

We offer this guarantee because we believe deeply in these packages and how they will help you improve your job search.

Buy one or both of these packages

You can order the eBook “Killer” Resumes” or the Video Seminar Workshop separately or together. Our recommendation is to order both and have the best of both worlds. But it is your decision.


Click here to order both the eBook and the 1 hour Video Seminar Workshop “Killer” Resumes together at a special discount.

eBook ……………………………… $17

Video Seminar Workshop … $29

Total ………………………………. $46

Limited time 30% discount – $13

Total discounted price……… $33


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