Earn Monthly Income From Stocks You Already Own: Ask The Experts Webinar


Interns Over 40

 and The Options Lady present “Ask The Expert Webinar” on How To  Earn Monthly Income From Stocks You Already Own. 

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1) Are you dissatisfied with the performance and fees of your mutual funds?
2) Are you aware that rates on CDs and money markets now average less than 1%?
3) Would you like to increase returns and reduce risk in your stock portfolio?
4) Would you like to produce consistent, monthly income to spend or compound to reach your savings goals faster?
5) Would you be willing to devote 30-60 minutes a week to augmenting the returns in your portfolio?
6) Are you a relatively conservative investor?
During this one-hour seminar, Laurie Itkin of The Options Lady will introduce you to covered calls — one of the most conservative options strategies you can apply to your investment portfolio.  This strategy carries less risk than simply “buying and holding” stock and most discount brokers will let you trade covered calls, even in your IRA.
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In this seminar you will learn:

  • The benefits and risks of trading covered calls
  • Why trading covered calls delivers higher returns and less risk than simply “buying and holding” stock
  • How to earn consistent, monthly income when the stock market is going up, staying flat, or going down
  • How to construct a covered call
  • Review examples from The Options Lady’s own account
  • Tips on how to overcome the fear of do-it-yourself-investing
  • How to get cash credit and free commissions by opening a new trading account (IRA or non-retirement)
Who is Laurie Itkin:
Laurie Itkin has been a self-directed investor for more than two decades.  She learned the theory behind options pricing while attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with a B.S. in Economics/Finance in 1990. She was the only female to be offered a paid summer internship by a prestigious Chicago-based options trading firm in 1989 where she assisted options traders in the Chicago trading pits.
After spending the majority of her career in the corporate world as a government affairs executive in the telecommunications, broadband and Internet gaming industries, Laurie has been a full-time options trader and government affairs consultant.  She launched The Options Lady to mentor other self-directed investors how to augment their incomes with covered calls.
Laurie lives with her husband and step-daughter in San Diego.  Her hobbies include playing squash, practicing yoga, and travel.

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