Do You Hate or Love Your Job? Why?

We live in a world where so many older skilled workers feel disenfranchised. Do you remember when you were excited to walk into the office in the morning. Realizing the work day had ended only when you noticed it was dark outside or a concerned spouse called you to say “are you still alive?”. It felt so so good! So help the poor souls that have lost that feeling with your story. For others tell us why you hate or love your job. It is time
to bring joy and fun back into the workplace. We look forward to your reaction. Have a great day.

Happy in his job

What is your reaction?

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  2 comments for “Do You Hate or Love Your Job? Why?

  1. david
    August 9, 2012 at 2:44 am

    I am lucky because somebody pays me for something I love doing, that is, my job. Maybe I couldn ‘t do anything else. Maybe on a daily basis, I am used to taking home some extra work to do, sadly. It is hard to forget and simply shut that door closed after an hard day. My first wife didn’t understand I had to update my knowledge through Internet so often once at home, but my second wife does. Time is flying fo fast and nights fade to a new day easily during the night shifts and even after so many years working in the same field, I still feel great when I am deploying my abilities in a new situation or environment. Now I am facing a new challenge, moving to a new position in a foreign country, but only because I have to move a step further, scaling up and resizing my goals. I think we have to dare to dream.

  2. Natalia
    August 9, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    It is wonderful when someone feels the way they do about there job after so many years. This feeling of JOY is what many older workers have to re learn. Much success to you in your future ventures. Bobby

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