Obama and Romney Agree On Job Plans

News Alert. April 1st-2012

In a surprise move, presidential candidate George Romney and President Obama have joined together to announce the formation of “The American Jobs Resuscitation Act.” In a joint Facebook, Skype, google hangout, and Go To Meeting, live press conference they announced that both parties, would introduce legislation to Congress to guarantee every “American” a job. This piece of legislation Includes every naturalized American, prior to this November elections. Speaking from the construction site of his new multilevel car garage in La Jolla. Romney challenged Congress to join President Obama and him in supporting this bipartisan legislation. “America is a lot like fitting 16 to 20 luxury vehicles into a multi level garage. All the people need is hope, love, and the support of a multimillion dollar super-PAC”

In a cohesive response, President Obama agreed, “In order to turn this job market around, We have approved the planning of building ” America’s Garage” on the south lawn of the White House.” He continued, “Rest assured, this garage will be much larger and have many more levels than that of Mr. Romneys.” It will be a guiding symbol as more Americans buy more cars to park in “america’s garage”.

In response to the joint announcement, presidential candidate Rick Santorum responded. “In a God fearing country like America I am happy to support more parking spots for all Americans, regardless of religion, race,sexual preference, or economic standing.”

Construction on both garages are set to continue throughout the year through at least 2020 with anticipated Senate and House support. House speaker Boehner was unavailable for comment until his golf game is completed.



Happy April Fools

Day :).


Note:non of this article is true and it is solely intended for those who still can smile or laugh.

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