Resume Tips: Creating A Killer Resume


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Get your own personal Killer” Resume, prepared for you one-on-one by Lawrence M. Light, author of “An Insiders’ Job Search eGuide…“, whose Resume Tips comes from over fifteen years as a successful job coach, and who has created hundreds of these high-impact resumes. 

Coach Larry will work with you to “draw out” your work achievements, decide how to structure them to best showcase your abilities, determine how to format it all … and then he’ll write it so it presents you as the person who has the greatest chance to be called in for that first round of interviews. 

Coach Larry has a reputation for creating truthful, hard-hitting and eye-catching “Killer” Resumes. As one client said, after reading her resume … “I didn’t realize I’d done that much.”

It doesn’t matter where you reside, in the U.S. or another country, Coach Larry will work with you via telephone and/or Skype to create your resume at times that are convenient for you. His clients include individuals such as CEO’s, middle management, sales executives, recent graduates, technical staffers, men and women returning to the workforce from the military, and people from all walks of life.

The free eBook that’s included covers everything you need to know about “Killer” Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing and Networking to find those “hidden” jobs.

Executives pay resume services and executive job firms between $500 – $1500 for this kind of personal attention and resumes. At, we’re offering this special service, discounted — with the free 110+ page eBook — for a very reasonable $375.


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