The New York Times: Nearing Retirement? It’s Time to Be Creative


Editor’s Note: In a May report issued by The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 82% of those surveyed in their sixties plan to keep working past age sixty-five, and 18% of that group do not plan on retiring at all. Among those surveyed in their fifties, 50% plan on working past age sixty-five, and out of that group, 15% do not plan to retire.

This anecdotal article explores some of the financial choices that aging baby boomers have as they prepare for retirement (or not):

For Ron Walker, it was postponing retirement until 68, while defying the conventional wisdom to delay taking Social Security until age 70.

For Phyllis Edelman, 64, dog-walking was the answer. For others, it could be moving, taking in a boarder, seeding age-friendly employers or turning a hobby into a business.

If ever there was a time for would-be retirees to get creative, it is now.Many people approaching the traditional retirement age of 65 are looking into a financial abyss: They have no savings, their pensions are inadequate, and the job market, although not uniformly hostile to those over fifty, is not especially encouraging either. And they could live another 25-30 years, maybe in good  health if they are lucky.

So what can 50- or 60-somethings without trust funds or secret stashes of cash do?

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