HuffPost Checks In – Life is Getting Better for Layoff Victims

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Huffington Post: As Economy Improves, Layoff Victims Say Life Is Getting Better

In a recent report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, employment rose by 252,000 and the unemployment rate declined by 5.6 percent. 

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This article in the Huffington Post revisits several people who were interviewed at the beginning of the recession and explores how the improved economy has actually affected them. You’ll see that not only the improved economy, but determination and perseverance lead to success. 

“HuffPost caught up with several people who fell victim to the early waves of layoffs five years ago to find out if their situations have improved. For the most part, they had…

…Kerri, a 57-year-old living near Seattle who asked to have her full name withheld, told HuffPost in 2011 she had become so hopeless during the course of a long unemployment spell that she attempted suicide in the winter of 2009. (Though experts say suicide attempts are rarely precipitated by a single factor, such as job loss, the overall suicide rate does correlate somewhat to economic conditions.)…

Now 60, Kerri said things got even worse before they got better. She lost her part-time job and spent six months homeless, sleeping in a shelter at night.
“[The shelter] was a blessing and so I was safe at night, and warm, but they still kicked you out at 6:30 in the morning,” Kerri said in an interview this week. “I was basically on the streets during the day and it was not fun. Not good.”
Fortunately, Kerri landed an account manager job and got an apartment last year year in Kirkland, Washington. She doesn’t credit economic growth for the turnaround so much as her own perseverance and some plain old serendipity. She said she makes only a little more money than she did from the unemployment benefits she received after her last job, but she’s in a much better situation overall.”