4 Tips to Help Your Body Adjust to Time Change

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Change Your Clock, Not Your Schedule


Studies show that  it will take your body a week or more to adjust to GAINING an hour of sleep. This article from The Cleveland Clinic explains why and offers some tips for adjusting to the time change (Editor’s Note).

“Nearly everyone looks forward to “falling back” and claiming that extra hour of sleep in autumn. But taking advantage of that extra rest and keeping the benefit can be tough.

Time changes in the  fall and spring inevitably alter people’s schedules, says Cleveland Clinic neurologist and sleep expert Tina Waters, MD, and it can take the body up to a week or more to adjust. Until then,falling asleep and waking up later can be harder. And, losing an hour in spring can cause even more problems….

1. Make gradual shifts as needed

In autumn, Dr. Waters says, changing your sleep schedule isn’t necessary. Fall asleep at your normal time, and your body will feel the same when you wake…READ  THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE