From AARP: 9 Things to Know if You’re Laid Off After 50

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Lorrie Lynch was laid off from her job, after over 30 years. She spent the next 12 months job hunting and shared her thoughts in her AARP blog.

I learned a lot about myself — and even more about the dynamics of landing paid work. I hope these tips prove useful to those in the same boat now:

1) Embrace your anger. Don’t listen to the Soothers — you know, the people who say things like, “It’s not personal. It’s all about numbers.” Of course it’s personal! What could possibly be impersonal about unprovoked inhumane treatment? People with more power than you just devalued your longtime contributions to the workplace. So get mad if that works for you. (It did for me.)

2) Get every penny you are owed. If you worked for a company like my former employer, which is using the unemployment system to pay part of severance expenses, it’s crucial to apply right now for unemployment benefits in your state. Once you get your paperwork squared away, getting your life back in order becomes a little less daunting.

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“5 Tips to Battle Ageism” Free Online Workshop  Register Here