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  1. Are you missing the mark on your phone interviews?
  2. Do you feel you are never in control of an interview?
  3. Would you like to regain the strength of a secure and in control job candidate the next time you go out on a job interview
  4. Are you pressed for time?
Maybe it is time to check out Peggy’s Podcast weekly. It is a powerful way to learn how to present yourself more effectively as the best job candidate to a hiring manager. This job search training podcast is set up to give you your own personal mentor once a week. Peggy will cover issues including what to say as a job seeker over 40, how to get a psychological edge over a hiring manager and having a job search strategy. Her podcasts are 10-15 minutes long and can be listened anywhere. So if you have a limited time it is great resource to power you during your job search.

Job Seeker Training

Example of a weekly podcast:How to master your phone interviews. It is the way to get in the door.



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