Voices of Job Seekers

VelvetVoice said…

“I just got a job in Purchasing at a hospital. I used every single trick there was, I am fifty and long term unemployed. It was scary every step of the way. I changed my resume send half to imply that my computer apps work was projects rather than jobs. I took off all the years, and put my degrees on the first page. I have been working for a startup company for the experience, and indicated internship. You would think I was thirty looking at the resume. When the age question came up, indirectly, I did buy a new suit, I dye my hair, have a young style, lift weights, and am very enthusiastic. I joked that people expect people my age to come in with a walker and talk about their illnesses. They are usually surprised to know how old I am. I also indicate that I am a continuous learner, and how soon can I start taking courses? Send a handwritten note to everyone you come into contact with. Try to relate personally to everyone. Good luck, it is possible to overcome age bias.”

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