AGE BIAS In Hiring And Work : The Things You Can and Can’t Do About It.

Having A Mid Life Career Crisis.Listen To Our Teleseminar With Bobby Edelman And Nina Price: Career Advisor.


AGE BIAS In Hiring And Work : The Things You Can and Can’t Do About It

Bobby Edelman

Many people over 40 are for the first time in lives encountering age bias in many aspects of their lives. Most notably, age bias is prevalent in the workplace these days. Midlife people are concerned about: keeping their jobs, avoiding layoffs, and especially getting rehired after layoffs. While some justify age bias in the workplace and elsewhere as “a rational business decision,” the fact of the matter is that millions of midlife people are having trouble supporting themselves

and their families because they’re not getting rehired.

We’ll be talking about:
  • 5 Job market Realities for Over 40 Workers
  • What you and others you know need to do to be more hireable in today’s job market
  • What you can and can’t do about age bias

Bobby Edelman is the mastermind, or as he says “the chief bottlewasher” behind the Interns Over 40 community serving older workers worldwide. Interns Over 40 is all about ”A New Career For the Skilled Worker” acknowledging the challenges during a career transition for over 40 workers. Prior to Interns Over 40,Edelman has served in executive roles at The Carmel Valley Group, Directfit (Board Member) and Marshall Industries. He also founded the Education, News and Entertainment Network (ENEN).
If You’re Over 40 You May be Confronting One of the Biggest Challenges of Your Working Life….
How to Get Hired, Stay Employed, and Find
Happiness in Your Career… Even After 40!

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’re between jobs and money is flowing out fast…
  • You’re stuck in a dead career, unhappy but terrified to try something new at your age in this economy…
  • You see layoffs all around… even senior employees are losing their jobs… and you’re afraid you’re next?

Nina Price has hit it on the mark. After working with hundreds of professionals as a business and wellness coach, she has written a book that can help you find your new career.

You Can Download Five Strategies To Staying Employed Now.
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This book is 146 pages.

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  1. Newton Chriss
    February 15, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Hi my mates, how is everything? Here it is actually nice YouTube videos collection. i enjoyed a lot.

  2. outtopasture
    April 1, 2012 at 8:55 am

    At some point most people would agree that age is going to end an outside medical sales reps employability. The problem is that it comes sooner to an individual than they expected. My answer to this problem, so far, is self-employment which means commission-only 1099 opportunities. Inherent in that world are scams or marginally desirable products and services that can be sold no other way. While it’s possible to navigate around those pitfalls it still is a long slow grind to profitability.

    What I need to hear about are ideas for opportunities that would be natural transitions for 50-Something medical field sales executives that maximize the use of this kind of career background.

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