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Insider Tips: Do you know how to power search on Google for local job postings? It’s not perfect but neither are looking at the thousands of job posting sites. In less then five minutes you can see if it helps your new career or job search. It does not matter whether you are in New York, New Delhi or New Hope. Learn how to by watching the video.
Internsover40 Tips:
Time:3 minutes
Difficulty Level: Beginner
After you view the video demo try to follow these steps to do your own job search using Google advanced search.
Step 1:Go to

Step 2:Type in your job search in this order: you city/town job name. For example: “San Diego electronic engineering jobs” (be sure to have quotes). If hundreds or thousands of results are returned go to step 3.

Step 3:Narrow the dates of your search: Click on the advanced Search link (this is just below the Google search button). Click on the Blue highlighted link at the bottom of the page “Date usage rights,numeric range and more. Click on the “Date:anytime” drop down arrow” change it to” past week”. Then click on the advance search button at the bottom of the page. This should give a manageable number of local job postings. If you are in a very large city you might try changing to

to the “last 24 hours”.

Step 4: You can now click on the links that seem relevant. Remember that you will get back some junk , but after using this a few times you will probably find a new and relevant listings from local companies that have posted their jobs on their corporate websites.

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