18 Job Networking Tips That Can Make A Difference In Your Career

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18 Job Networking Tips That Make A Difference In Your Career
Networking Tips That Make A Difference
It is not a question of whether you should be networking with other people. It is a question of how to effectively spend your time and energy.
Focusing, cure Planning and aligning with your mission and goals will result in a more effective and enjoyable networking experience. It is a lifelong process that helps define who you are and how you are perceived by others.
These 18 Networking Tips will make a difference in your career if you follow them.
What You Will Learn:
3 Sample Tips From “18 Networking Tips” That Every Job Seeker Should Use.
Tip 1) Allocate SPECIFIC Calendar time to networking.
Tip 7) Practice Your 20 Second Elevator Pitch.


Tip 16) Measure quality and quantity of  your networking activites:# of events, Linkedin Connections.

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